What is Reseller Web Hosting? The Advantages and Disadvantages

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting is a type of web hosting whereby a company utilizes its allocated bandwidth, and hard drive space from a parent web hosting service, to host other sites. The reseller buys the host’s services in wholesale and then sells them to clients in order to make some profit. The reseller can either resell shared hosting services or rent out a dedicated server from a web host. The essential thing is to have all the information you require to discover how to make the most out of this web hosting option, and whether it can work for you or not.

What Is Reseller Web Hosting

Some web hosts agree with the reseller and charge on a client basis. This means that each time the reseller signs another client, they are charged a particular rate by the host. There is also the choice of selecting from a variety of packages for reseller hosting that vary depending on the hosting service. Nonetheless, there are some features which are usually included in the package, for example, disc space, domain hosting, bandwidth, ability to control your own plans. And configure various accounts as per your requirements, capacity to brand your own web hosting site with the parent web host remaining unseen by your clients, and the potential of conveying features to your clients, same as those provided to clients of the same parent web host- control panel, email, monitoring tools and additional scripts.

Some can profit from choosing to host their website with a reseller, while others may be interested in starting their own reseller web hosting account. Either way, here are some advantages and disadvantages to reseller web hosting that will help you determine where you fall.

Reseller Web Hosting Advantages

1. Room for growth

If you have a broad site with a lot of traffic, or you need many websites for your business, the reseller package will permit you to pay one monthly fee as opposed to several. It can also cater for various features and spaces for your company.

2. More features

Reseller accounts usually include more extensive features than primary hosting plans. This means that your control panel for managing your site will always be more substantial and permit you to run your website very productively.

3. No maintenance

A reselling plan is no different from having a dedicated server only that with a reseller web host, you will not be the one having to worry about complex server problems if something should go wrong. One very useful feature of having a reseller hosting package is having a technical support department, which is well proficient in fixing these issues.

4. Minimal Expense

Most reseller plans are exceedingly low-priced compared to dedicated solutions, allowing you to take advantage of several similar attributes at no additional cost.

5. More control

Reseller web hosting typically provides you with the capacity to micro-manage your website. You will have access to several elements that let you manage bandwidth limits, disk space usage and various other important areas.

6. Income

Reseller hosting is a great way for businesses to up their revenue, pay for their site and still acquire the space they need.

Reseller Web Hosting Disadvantages

1. Responsibility

If you are a reseller, then you’ll need to be able to offer support for your new clients since reseller plans don’t usually include customer support for your customers. You need to have the resources and time to commit to providing both customer and technical service support.

2. Cost

Buying a reseller plan may be overkill for your business if you intend to run a small website, which doesn’t need a lot of resources or features.

3. Several features

Reseller plans offer extra features that you might not need if you plan on running a primary site. Don’t fall for the ‘needing’ when you may not even use a feature ever.

4. Difficulty

If you are not very capable of managing your own site, chances are running more control panels and features may not be a viable option for you. It can be challenging to learn how to control a website at the reseller level.

One important thing to remember is to first outline the needs for your site and its future, then find a plan that matches those needs without exceeding your limits.