Top 4 Paraphrasing and Rewriting Apps for Smartphones

We live in the digital world. In this world, the most used device is a smartphone. As per the statistics, the number of smartphone users in the world has climbed up to 6.64 Billion, which constitutes up to 83.37% of the world population.

No other product or service has enjoyed such mass approval in the entire human history. This mass hysteria for smartphones has forced developers around the world to make a mobile-supported version of their software.

The windows are becoming old-fashioned with each passing day. People watch Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and all other applications on mobiles. Any technology that doesn’t shift to the mobile version risks becoming obsolete. It might travel the same route which Nokia did after the inception of smartphones.

The paraphrasing and rewriting tools are not an exception either. The developers have come up with paraphrasing and rewriting apps for smartphones. These apps use the same technology to paraphrase the content by word adjustment, sentence rewriting, tone alteration, and content overhauling.

This article highlights the top 4 paraphrasing and rewriting apps for smartphones.


The app holds the first position. The developers have worked hard to provide a complete paraphrasing solution in one place. The tool offers quality rewriting as per the user’s requirement. The output is contextually accurate and linguistically efficient.

The tool offers 4 paraphrasing modes, which include:

Plagiarism Remover: This mode removes duplicates from the entire content. The output is 100% unique and undetectable by any plagiarism checker.

Near Human: This mode rewrites the original content like a human brain. The sentences are written with complete context, and not a single detail is lost.

Creative: This mode focuses on changing the style and tone of the content. The output looks entirely different from the original. However, the meaning stays the same.

Text Improver: This mode aims at improving the quality of the input. The application performs the right word adjustments, ensuring high readability and reader engagement.

The modes are shown below:


The free version can rewrite up to 1000 words in one search. This allows it to rewrite a medium to small size blog post in one go.

The tool offers a grammar checker. By using this, you can check the grammatical quality of the output. In this way, you don’t need a 3rd party tool for verification before the final content submission.

The tool also possesses an in-built translator. You can translate the output into 7 different languages. These languages are English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish. The quality of translation is world-class. The translator makes it among the most globally well-accepted tools.

The mobile version also allows text extraction from device storage. It can extract text from TXT, Word, and PDF files with ease. You can get a text from these files and convert it with the help of provided paraphrasing modes.

It also allows saving the text in Word and PDF files. That means you can secure the content in the desired formatting. With PDF, there is no chance of the content or formatting being lost during file transfer. We recommend using a portable document format (PDF) as the ideal document format.

All these options are shown in the below picture:

paraphrasing features

The interface is very basic. There is no extravagant design or heavy coloring. The front page doesn’t contain any complicated options or vague choices.  Everything has been designed to facilitate a great user experience.

The application is equally suitable for professionals and novices. Both can enjoy quality paraphrasing with equal ease.

2. Paraphraser – Reword Your Text

The paraphraser falls at 2nd place courtesy of its wide range of applications. The tool believes in quick paraphrasing, which makes it ideal for bulk rewriting.

Due to this reason, it offers only one paraphrasing mode. The mode offers high-quality output with grammatical accuracy.

Reword Your Text

The application has been downloaded more than 500K+ times and enjoys a rating of 3.9. The numbers show the trust of the user in this app.

The tool also provides a plagiarism checker. By using this, you can find duplication in the output. This validates the results of your conversions.

To further authenticate its quality, the app also possesses an in-built grammar checker. You can check the grammatical accuracy of your content via this feature. This is important because nobody takes content with faulty grammar seriously.

As a writer, you are often required to write according to a specific word count. To fulfill this demand, the tool offers options of “Expand Text and Summarize Text”.

The expanded text elaborates the points mentioned in the initial draft. As a result, the output carries more words than the original. While the summarize text option focuses on condensing the original, the result carries lesser words than the original. You can choose the option of your choice as per requirement.

The tool doesn’t have any premium subscription or paid account. Every feature is accessible free of cost. You can use it unlimited times for paraphrasing.

The in-built translator can translate the output into more than 7 different languages. This helps in making it among the most globally accepted tools.

The interface is extremely simple. It is ideal for newbies due to its ease of rewriting. However, some professionals complain about the lack of paraphrasing modes. Another drawback is that it doesn’t allow saving files in word or PDF form. Due to this, at times you must reformat the output as per the content demands.

3. Paraphrase & Paraphrasing Tool

The app enjoys a rating of 4.7 on the play store. Not many tools can boast of having such a high play store rating. This number alone cements its position as among the most critically acclaimed paraphrasing applications.

The tool like its predecessor only offers one paraphrasing mode. This mode is known as phrase text mode. It specializes in rewriting the content as per customer requirements. The output is readable and engaging. The content gets more screen times, ensuring better ROI and sales leads.

The available options are as follows:

Paraphrasing Tool

The tool can import files from the mobile’s internal storage. The import file option can extract text from PDF or Word files with accuracy. The cutting-edge technology ensures that there isn’t any loss of imported details.

It also offers a feature of image Text. By using this, it can extract text from JPG and PNG files. The option works like an OCR tool. The app is also capable of getting text from low-quality images.

Another interesting feature is the voice text. You can speak in the app’s microphone and the tool would recognize your input. This text can also be paraphrased in the phrase text option.

The tool also possesses an in-built translator. It allows it to translate the text into multiple languages.

Another added feature is a plagiarism remover. You can remove duplication from content by activating this option. It can remove mild and deep plagiarism at will. The result is 100% unique content without any resemblance to the original manuscript.

The only thing that it lacks is the variety of paraphrasing modes.  You cannot perform targeted alterations in the original content. But this option is only used by top professionals. The single mode is enough for newbies and average professionals.

The interface is eye-catching. The combination of theme colors green and white looks very pleasant to the eyes. The presented options are comprehendible without any complications.

All these features are free to you. You can get unlimited services 24/7 via this app.

4. Paraphrase & Plagiarism Check

Our last and final choice for the day is paraphrase & plagiarism check. The app is proficient at quality rewriting with a user-friendly approach.

The app offers 3 simple paraphrasing modes. The modes are differentiated by the level of rewriting.

Plagiarism Check

Simple: This is the most basic mode. It performs word substitutions in the original text. These words are simply synonyms of the initial inputs. That’s why it is also known as a synonym changer.

Standard: It is more of a medium mode. The mode can rewrite sentences and small paragraphs. However, it pays special attention to contextual accuracy. There isn’t any loss of details.

Creative: This mode rewrites the whole content in an alternate style. The tone, linguistics, and paragraphing are altogether different. Nobody can recognize the source. This mode is suited for removing complex plagiarism.

The tool can rewrite 900 words in one search.

It also offers to extract text from Word, PDF, or TXT files. After conversion, you can also save the output in PDF or Word files.

However, the tool lacks added features. It doesn’t have any plagiarism or grammar checkers. It doesn’t possess any summarizer or expander either.

The tool is ideal for writers looking for bulk content creation in minimum time.

Final Words

Paraphrasing and rewriting applications are essential to any writer’s tool kit. In this article, we have presented a list of the top 4 paraphrasings and rewriting available. You can choose the right one as per your requirement.

We have enlisted each application’s features, characteristics, pros, and cons.  Do give it a read and return with your thoughts on this list.

Holli Snow

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