How to Choose Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Nowadays there is a wide array of hosting services, which makes it harder to select from. Years ago, all you needed had to do is plan your budget, making the selection process easier; today, not so much. Although the shared hosting and managed hosting still exist as they did before, there are other more incorporated values and specializations that you need to put into consideration, for example, the VPS (Virtual Private Servers), also referred to as ‘cloud servers.’

How to Choose Best WordPress Hosting Provider

Web hosting servers each vary based on the virtualization technology they employ, and the amount of computational memory and power contained in their packages. The page speed matters a lot since it contributes to your website’s ranking and getting traffic.

Type of hosting
There are two types of hosting;

  1. Shared hosting and
  2. Managed hosting.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is more like public transportation, whereby the rates are very low, minimal flexibility and too much overcrowding. As your site grows, you are likely to incur various challenges such as slow response time and bandwidth limitations.

Other than the fact that you will be sharing one server with thousands of other customers, shared hosting also has its up-side, such as rock-bottom price which is very cost effective and a great business start-up, and you are not restricted to WordPress alone, meaning you can run all types of scripts on this account. It also allows you to utilize the space and test various projects. The shared hosting is ideal for people whose revenue is not dependent on their site.

Managed Hosting

Initially, managed hosting referred to hardware and operating system management for separate boxes; bare metal or virtual. In this type of hosting, one would hire an expert or team or experts to manage their server, install an operating system, install security patches, and alter the hard drives when they break-down, among other various tasks.

Relative to managed hosting are application-level managed hosts. These are companies which specialize in hosting another application. An example of application-level managed hosting is WordPress, which has become most people’s go-to content management system and web application platform. Some may compare this to shared hosting, but the difference is that it specializes in limited, high-quality websites.

The managed WordPress hosts handle the back-end of tasks, which allows you to focus on selling your product to clients. In addition, the providers also provide WordPress specified experience to help you optimize your website presence in several ways; security, speed, uptime, plug-in updates and core, and plug-in compatibility and theme. Although this type of hosting is more expensive compared to shared hosting, the benefits one stands to gain are worth it.

So how does one go about selecting the best WordPress hosting service? Here is how

1. Support

The hosting account should provide unlimited support on basic problems and even others concerning your site. It could touch on themes, WordPress plug-ins, settings, and updates among others.

2. Security

The WordPress hosting providers should update your system for you and keep watch for malicious themes and plug-ins, as well as work with you to avert hacks for your site, also known as security holes. WordPress core is extensively safe. The only time you are likely to incur vulnerability is when you run an outdated version of WordPress.

3. Caching

Caching systems differ with every WordPress host; however, all of them are faster than any plug-in based hosts. Caching offers unbeatable speed. Get a host that creates configurations that work best and exclusively for WordPress.

4. Backups

It is essential to backup your site regularly so that in the event your server’s hard drive breaks down, or gets infected with a virus; all your data can be recovered. Managed WordPress hosts should backup your site on a daily basis, so if worse comes to worst, you are covered.

All in all, managed hosts are suitable for individuals who run their own businesses on WordPress. Although the prices might be a bit hefty, think of all the extra income you’ll be generating from the optimized environment you’re in. Just make sure that before making a decision on the web hosting provider you want, you understand your website, its requirements and your budget.