Charm Bracelet Chain Types

Charm bracelets have been around for as long as there have been bonds to enforce. They are stylish, aesthetic, and are likely to stay that way for a long time to come. The reason for this is that the chains that make the charm bracelets are so diverse and fit into many different styles making them virtually transcended of time and space. Some of the most popular styles of the chain charm bracelets, which are always available at pocket-friendly on, include

Trace chain charm bracelets

Trace chain charm braceletsThis is classic and perhaps the most common charm bracelet chain with simple oval or round links. The links are interconnected to each other both vertically and horizontally. They are the most popular because of how simple they are making them versatile and wearable with virtually everything. It is the oldest style of charm chain bracelets making it a classic and most preferred by people. Besides, the links are quite convenient to hang charms on because of their shape. Also being numerous, there are so many charms that one can hang on the bracelet. The trace chain charm bracelets are quite possibly the highest selling on


Infinity/figure eight chain charm bracelets

Charm bracelets are typically alluring to people who take symbolism seriously or want to keep tokens of things they love close to them. A good understanding of customers’ needs has placed them at a vantage point because the infinity/figure-eight shaped chain charm bracelets are quite captivating. Friends use this to mark their eternal bond with the loops being symbolic of an unending bond. Many of the gold-plated chains online are in this infinity style. It makes it more worthwhile for the space available to hang your favourite charms. This type of charm bracelet is also popular for its lightness in weight because the infinity loop is significantly smaller making for lesser weight and thus ideal for more charms.

Cuban link chain charm bracelets

eight chain charm braceletsThis is a variation of the trace chain but the round or oval links are usually twisted and with a diamond cut making them flow nicely and seamlessly into each other. The chains vary in width which in turn makes the difference in how the charms will be hung-either with an added loop or directly attached to the links. In most cases, this style of charm bracelets is gourmet made of hybrid metal alloys gold plated and can be found on for quite pocket-friendly prices. This particular style is more popular for men’s charm bracelets and especially those seeking to mimic celebrities’ style.


Figaro link chain charm bracelets

Figaro link chain charm bracelets

Just as unique as the name suggests, the Figaro chain charm bracelet is one of a kind. It is a little similar to the Cuban link chain in that the circles or ovals are twisted and in diamond cuts. However, between every one to five links is a longer twisted oval connecting to the rest of the links.  The chain creates a woven rope effect and because of this longer link on the bracelet, it is quite ideal for hanging charms on. It is no wonder that ranks it among its highest-selling bracelets. There are numerous versions of this style from metal alloys, pure silver, and even gold-plated chains online available for you to shop conveniently.

Charm bracelets continue to be used to mark important bonds to the groups that the charms mean something. Since the charms require a place to hang from, chains will continually be a preferred style for charm bracelets. However, because there are various styles of chains, charm bracelets need not be uniform or boring. With patience and care, you can find a style that best suits you on