A Guide to Writing College Essays: Practical Advice for Students

The work may seem tedious and take too much of your time. However, it provides you with the best chance to make a difference in your application. The admissions panel gives priority to students with good high school scores. However, a lot of students get the right scores for college admission.

Your college essay is what differentiates you from other applicants. It gives the panel deeper details about you. They will give you a chance if you prove to have unique talents and character. To succeed in your application, follow these steps.

Write about a topic that matters to you

College essays provide details about you beyond the classroom. If you want to write an attractive college essay, consider the one that you love most. It can be a sport, book, society, or art. Let it be something that has given you a unique experience in life.

It should be something that you can do multiple times and find joy in. If you focus on it, you will be excited to write about it. The issue can be a challenge that you went through in your life. You must feel at ease writing about it.

Show creativity and research skills

The committee expects to see a higher level of creativity and critical thinking in you. This is what makes your essay impressive and irresistible. Think about how a designer creates an image from scratch and makes it attractive. In the same way, create an essay from scratch but make it worth reading.

Although the essay is your story, make research part of your writing. The team will notice it when you spend time in research. Research the topic you choose to understand how your points should flow. Be keen to choose the strongest points and use strong supporting information.

It is necessary to understand a college essay before you begin writing. You need to spend time studying and learning the rules to follow for a college essay. The rules include choosing a topic, the right structure, and editing. To write better, some students ask for help at the Edubirdie college essay writing service instead of writing it themselves. With the help of professionals, writing a college essay becomes easier. It helps students get chances for admission to the college of their choice.


Structure how the points will flow

Structure helps you to create a flawless college essay. Without it, you might mix up your points and leave the reader confused. This will create a wrong impression and deny you an important chance to join college. It makes your essay make sense, become clear, and leave a great impression. Here are important steps when creating an essay outline.

Create the outline

An outline maps out the main points that you plan to discuss. It helps you arrange them in a way that makes sense. The outline can help you pinpoint any gaps in your essay and fill them in time. It helps your points flow smoothly from one paragraph to the next.

Create the main parts of your essay

Your college essay will have three main parts: Introduction, body, and conclusion. In each part, you will discuss a different issue or story. The introduction opens with a sentence that invokes the reader to continue reading. The body discusses the main issues or experiences. The conclusion is a reflection of the entire essay.

Achieve the right amount of words

Your essay should not be too long, nor should it be too short. The admissions committee handles thousands of applications. When it is too long, they might not have the time to read the whole of it. Most college essays range from about 400 to 650 words. Some colleges may restrict it to between 250 to 600 words.

Do a thorough editing

Editing is a must if you want to win the attention of the committee. It helps you ensure your essay is free from errors. Do not submit it until you read it two to three times. At each time, give yourself a space for several hours or even a day. Run the essay through a grammar checker. Run it through a plagiarism checker to ensure it is original.


A lot of students find college essays challenging to write. The most important thing is to understand what the college is looking for. Once you understand it, set yourself apart from the other applicants. The best way to do it is by writing an impressive essay. Choose a topic that matters to you and one you can be excited to write about. Write the structure on how the points will flow and write a perfect college essay.

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