7 Signs Your Partner Does Not Respect You

You thought that you would be together happily ever after, but everything turned out quite wrong? If so, then don’t ignore your partner’s disrespectful signs. This is not normal behaviour and can’t be tolerated.

Partner Not Respect

1.  You are the last one on the priority list

If they justify the lack of interest in you by their need to be alone with themselves, then this is a sure sign of a lack of respect. There are all kinds of circumstances that absorb all our time, but if you are deliberately deprived of attention, then there may be a hint of indifference to you from your partner.

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2.  They always tell you about your shortcomings

There is not a single perfect person. And if you are regularly told about your shortcomings, then the feeling of imperfection is amplified at times. Each of us has shortcomings, and this is normal. After all, the main thing is to learn to accept this fact and try not to allow them in the future. In a relationship where respect for each other reigns, partners will not push with their reproaches but rather will support and help grow, reminding of advantages and positive qualities.

3.  They don’t pay attention to you

The basis of respect for all relationships is attentiveness to your soulmates, especially to what you are told. If you carefully listen to your loved ones, then this indicates that you care and are interested in a person. This applies to both sides, everyone should be free to express their thoughts and feelings, but if you are interrupted or ignored, then this attitude shows disrespect.

4.  There is no support

People who love will always be on the side of their soulmates because they sincerely want their loved ones to be happy. If they don’t care about your feelings and emotions, then you should think about the reasons for this attitude. In any situation, a loving person will listen or at least pretend and will not be annoyed and indifferent.

 5. They don’t listen to you

You just can’t wait to come home to tell your loved ones about today’s successes at work. However, you understand that they simply don’t listen to you. To be open with a soulmate, to keep a conversation or serious discussion is of great importance for a relationship. If this doesn’t happen, it becomes clear that they don’t respect you.

6.  They don’t take into account your needs

Compromise is the foundation of a perfect relationship. If your soulmate is not ready to make concessions for your sake, then this is the first sign of disrespect. Moreover, their intransigence can be manifested in everything, from choosing a movie for a joint evening viewing and ending with more serious decisions – buying a car, running a new business, and so on.

7.  They don’t respect your family and friends

None of you is obligated to love the family of your partners or their friends but must respect. After all, you live together, which means you will often see relatives and friends. So, you need to take this into account and treat these people with respect. After all, they play an important role in the life of your partner, and therefore, for the sake of your strong relationship, you need to respect these people.

People make mistakes, and no one dares to blame someone for this. But our mistakes are often made precisely because of the unwillingness to admit obvious things, for example, the fact that the chosen one is completely not worthy of you.

If you are happy for each other, cherish, pay attention, and respect feelings, thoughts, plans, experience, and outlooks on life, you create that very inspiring space in which it is very joyful to live – a space of love.

Holli Snow

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